There are many reasons why executives aspire to become
CEOs. For some, their drive is fueled by a motivation for
power and/or ego. We have found in our interactions with
hundreds of CEOs over the years that the common thread…

Korn Ferry

The National Association of Health Services Executives (N.A.H.S.E.) is proud to announce its
partnership with the Korn Ferry Charitable Foundation’s Leadership U for Humanity program to
help end underrepresentation in healthcare leadership.

Deloitte  Insights

N.A.H.S.E. is the premier profesional membership society for Blacks in health care management. N.A.H.S.E. functions to impove the health status, economic opportunities, and eductional advancement of the communities it serves…

Chartis Group

Our country is facing a public health crisis. If you are Black, access to high-quality healthcare and your health outcomes are worse that if you are white. Full stop. Decades of research provides ample evidence of this worsening problem…

Dignity of Health

Funded by Common Spirit Health, Dignity Health Global Education’s (DHGE) partner in workforce development, this scholarship fund was created to help promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within the healthcare workforce and the
communities it serves…